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Prophylaxis of lymphocele formation after kidney transplantation via peritoneal fenestration
Liver transplantation from donors with positive blood cultures
Decreased graft survival in liver transplant recipients of donors with positive blood cultures
Racial differences in incident de novo donor‐specific anti‐HLA antibody among primary renal allograft recipients
Re‐evaluation of glomerulitis using occlusion criteria based on the Banff 2013 revision
Patients’ preferences in transplantation from marginal donors
Death of recipients after kidney living donation triples donors’ risk of dropping out from follow‐up
Improved detection of alcohol consumption using the novel marker phosphatidylethanol in the transplant setting
High resource utilization in liver transplantation—how strongly differ costs between the care sectors and what are the main cost drivers?
Czech‐Austrian kidney paired donation
Transplantation of adult living donor kidneys in small children, a single‐centre initial experience