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mTOR inhibitors and risk of chronic antibody‐mediated rejection after kidney transplantation : where are we now?
Keep the pressure! Correlation of hemodynamic instability after reperfusion and severity of acute kidney injury following liver transplantation
The postreperfusion syndrome is associated with acute kidney injury following donation after brain death liver transplantation
Variability in assessing for BK viremia : whole blood is not reliable and plasma is not above reproach – a retrospective analysis
Impact of single centre kidney paired donation transplantation to increase donor pool in India : a cohort study
Discrepant serological assays for Pneumococcus in renal transplant recipients – a prospective study
Tubulointerstitial expression and urinary excretion of connective tissue growth factor 3 months after renal transplantation predict interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy at 5 years in a retrospective cohort analysis
Early experience with hypothermic machine perfusion of living donor kidneys – a retrospective study
Thoracic muscle cross‐sectional area is associated with hospital length of stay post lung transplantation : a retrospective cohort study
Short‐term effects of extracorporeal graft rinse versus circulatory graft rinse in living donor liver transplantation. A prospective randomized controlled trial
Antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing postorthotopic liver transplant tuberculosis : is there a safe alternative to isoniazid?
Use of donors with genitourinary malignancies for liver transplantation : a calculated risk?