Issue Information
Treg therapy in transplantation : a general overview
Tolerogenic dendritic cell therapy in organ transplantation
MITAP‐compliant characterization of human regulatory macrophages
Regulatory T‐cell therapy in liver transplantation
Kidney dysfunction after cardiac transplantation : does early acute kidney injury translate into inferior long‐term patient and renal outcomes?
Renal function at 1 year after cardiac transplantation rather than acute kidney injury is highly associated with long‐term patient survival and loss of renal function – a retrospective cohort study
What is the significance of end‐stage renal disease risk estimation in living kidney donors?
The impact of infections on delisting patients from the liver transplantation waiting list
High human cytomegalovirus DNAemia early post‐transplantation associates with irreversible and progressive loss of renal function – a retrospective study
Early introduction of oral paricalcitol in renal transplant recipients. An open‐label randomized study
Annular pancreas as graft for pancreas transplantation. Technical considerations and long‐term follow‐up of two successful cases
Successful kidney transplantation in highly sensitized, ultra‐long‐term dialysis patients