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Pharmacological modulation of cell death in organ transplantation
Should organs from hepatitis C virus‐infected donors be used for transplantation in the era of DAAs?†
Toward a better risk stratification for late antibody‐mediated rejection in ABO incompatible kidney recipients
Transplantation of kidneys from hepatitis C‐positive donors into hepatitis C virus‐infected recipients followed by early initiation of direct acting antiviral therapy : a single‐center retrospective study
Outcomes and risk stratification for late antibody‐mediated rejection in recipients of ABO‐incompatible kidney transplants : a retrospective study
An analysis of the survival outcomes of simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation compared to live donor kidney transplantation in patients with type 1 diabetes : a UK Transplant Registry study
Pregnancy outcomes in simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant recipients : a national French survey study
Changing trends in the aetiology, treatment and outcomes of bloodstream infection occurring in the first year after solid organ transplantation : a single‐centre prospective cohort study
Evaluation of safety of concomitant splenectomy in living donor liver transplantation : a retrospective study
Clinical outcomes of intestinal transplant recipients colonized with multidrug‐resistant organisms : a retrospective study
An experimental study of the recovery of injured porcine lungs with prolonged normothermic cellular ex vivo lung perfusion following donation after circulatory death
Ultrastructural changes of the glomerular basement membrane… unmasked by C4d staining
Tangential Extraperitoneal Retrorenal approach : a specified uniform technique for renal transplant biopsy