First Publication of Standardized Immune Monitoring Methods From the Virtual Global Transplantation Laboratory Initiative
Early Kidney Allograft Dysfunction (Threatened Allograft) : Comparative Effectiveness of Continuing Versus Discontinuation of Tacrolimus and Use of Sirolimus to Prevent Graft Failure
Assessment of 4 Cases of Kidney Transplantation from Hepatitis C Virus Antibody-Positive and RNA-Negative Donors to Antibody-Negative Recipients
Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Deceased Donor Liver Grafts Is Associated With Improved Postreperfusion Hemodynamics
Low Levels of Exhaled Surfactant Protein A Associated With BOS After Lung Transplantation
Virtual Global Transplant Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures for Blood Collection, PBMC Isolation, and Storage
Donor Characteristics of Pancreas Transplantation in Australia and New Zealand : A Cohort Study 1984-2014