Hematopoietic stem cells from the marrow of mice treated with flt3 ligand are significantly expanded but exhibit reduced engraftment potential1
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Ischemic preconditioning: a defense mechanism against the reactive oxygen species generated after hepatic ischemia reperfusion1
Successful extracorporeal porcine liver perfusion for 72 hr1
Brain death does not affect hepatic allograft function and survival after orthotopic transplantation in a canine model1, 2
Allochimeric class I MHC protein-induced tolerance by partial TCR engagement requires activation of both CTL4- and common γ-chain-dependent cytokine signals1
Isolation, short-term culture, and transplantation of small hepatocyte-like progenitor cells from retrorsine-exposed rats1
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Risk factors for the development and progression of dyslipidemia after heart transplantation
Decreased serum and bronchoalveolar lavage levels of clara cell secretory protein (CC16) is associated with bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome and airway neutrophilia in lung transplant recipients1
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Prospective trial of a predictive algorithm to transplant cadaver kidneys into highly sensitized patients1
Positive serum crossmatch as predictor for graft failure in HLA-mismatched allogeneic blood stem cell transplantation
Primed CTLs specific for HLA class I may still be present in sensitized patients when anti-HLA antibodies have disappeared: relevance for donor selection1
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Detection of a novel specificity (CTLA-4) in ATG/TMG globulins and sera from ATG-treated leukemic patients1
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Mechanisms of targeting cd28 by a signaling monoclonal antibody in acute and chronic allograft rejection1
Macrophage colony-stimulating factor expression and macrophage accumulation in renal allograft rejection1
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