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FTY720 reduces T-cell recruitment into murine intestinal allograft and prevents activation of graft-infiltrating cells
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Accurate preoperative estimation of liver-graft volumetry using three-dimensional computed tomography
Serine proteinase inhibitor-9, an endogenous blocker of granzyme B/perforin lytic pathway, is hyperexpressed during acute rejection of renal allografts
Nebulized amphotericin B concentration and distribution in the respiratory tract of lungtransplanted patients
Chimerism and tolerance in rat recipients of intestinal allografts from ALS-treated donors with and without adjunct naÏve–-donor-strain bone-marrow cells1
Superior T-cell suppression by rapamycin and FK506 over rapamycin and cyclosporine A because of abrogated cytotoxic T-lymphocyte induction, impaired memory responses, and persistent apoptosis
An extraperitoneal isolated vascularized bone marrow transplant model in the rat
Immunoprotection of rat islet xenografts by cotransplantation with sertoli cells and a single injection of antilymphocyte serum1
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