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Subcutaneous transplantation of macroencapsulated porcine pancreatic endocrine cells normalizes hyperglycemia in diabetic mice1
Donor lymphocyte infusion-mediated graft-versus-leukemia effects in mixed chimeras established with a nonmyeloablative conditioning regimen: extinction of graft-versus-leukemia effects after conversion to full donor chimerism1
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Donors with central nervous system malignancies: are they truly safe?
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Long-term improvement in renal function with sirolimus after early cyclosporine withdrawal in renal transplant recipients: 2-year results of the rapamune maintenance regimen study1 2
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Effects of adenoviral up-regulation of bcl-2 on oxidative stress and graft coronary artery disease in rat heart transplants
Class II transactivator promoter activity is suppressed through regulation by a trophoblast noncoding RNA1
Detection of donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies with flow cytometry in eluates and sera from renal transplant recipients with chronic allograft nephropathy1
Alteration in CD45RBhi/CD45RBlo T-cell ratio following CD45RB monoclonal-antibody therapy occurs by selective deletion of CD45RBhi effector cells
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Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy after allogeneic stem cell transplantation and posttransplantation rituximab
Protective role of bone marrow cells in controlling alloreactivity
Protective role of bone marrow cells in controlling alloreactivity
Difficulty of achieving long-term graft survival of MHC-disparate composite graft using CTLA4IG
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