Pretransplant blood transfusion without additional immunotherapy generates CD25+CD4+ regulatory T cells: a potential explanation for the blood-transfusion effect
Leflunomide analogue FK778 is vasculoprotective independent of its immunosuppressive effect: potential applications for restenosis and chronic rejection
Anaphylactic shock caused by immunoglobulin E sensitization after retreatment with the chimeric anti–interleukin-2 receptor monoclonal antibody basiliximab
A comparison of discharge immunosuppressive drug regimens in primary cadaveric kidney transplantation
Leflunomide Analogue FK778 Is Vasculoprotective Independent of its Immunosuppressive Effect: Potential Application for Restenosis and Chronic Rejection.
Dog leukocyte antigen nonidentical unrelated canine marrow grafts: enhancement of engraftment by CD4 and CD8 T cells
Isotretinoin ameliorates renal damage in experimental acute renal allograft rejection1
Synergistic effects of CTLA-4Ig and sirolimus on orthotopic lung-allograft survival and histology
Reduced-size liver transplantation in the mouse
Cold-induced apoptosis of rat liver endothelial cells: contribution of mitochondrial alterations
Apoptosis and treatment of chronic allograft nephropathy with everolimus
Tumor necrosis factor-α in a porcine bronchial model of obliterative bronchiolitis1
Immunotoxin-treated rhesus monkeys: a model for renal allograft chronic rejection1
Thymic transplantation in miniature swine: III. induction of tolerance by transplantation of composite thymokidneys across fully major histocompatibility complex-mismatched barriers
Human herpesvirus-6 and acute liver failure1
Expression profiling on chronically rejected transplant kidneys1
Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant from living related donor: a single-center experience
Safety and risk stratification of percutaneous biopsies of adult-sized renal allografts in infant and older pediatric recipients
Resistance training prevents vertebral osteoporosis in lung transplant recipients
Marked inhibition of transplant vascular sclerosis by in vivo-mobilized donor dendritic cells and anti-CD154 mAb1
Interleukin-9 promotes eosinophilic rejection of mouse heart allografts
Differential contribution of natural killer cells to corneal graft rejection in 3-week-old versus mature rats1
Microarray-based gene expression profiles of allograft rejection and immunosuppression in the rat heart transplantation model
Regulatory cell-mediated tolerance does not protect against chronic rejection
Tacrolimus enhances transforming growth factor-β1 expression and promotes tumor progression
Is screening for factor V leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutations in renal transplantation worthwhile? results of a large single-center U.K. study1
Stable lines of genetically modified dendritic cells from mouse embryonic stem cells
Evidence for recipient derived fibroblast recruitment and activation during the development of chronic cardiac allograft rejection1
Successful infliximab treatment of steroid and OKT3 refractory acute cellular rejection in two patients after intestinal transplantation
Use of mycophenolate mofetil in immunosuppressive protocols in elderly renal transplant recipients
The graft-versus-leukemia effect in leukemia cutis
Re: the association of viral infection and chronic allograft nephropathy with graft dysfunction after renal transplantation
Re: the association of viral infection and chronic allograft nephropathy with graft dysfunction after renal transplantation
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