Age and Immune Response in Organ Transplantation
Tolerance or Accommodation: The Lesson from Leflunomide
Effects of a Short Course of Leflunomide on T-Independent B-Lymphocyte Xenoreactivity and on Susceptibility of Xenografts to Acute or Chronic Rejection
Fetal CD34+ Cells in the Maternal Circulation and Long-Term Microchimerism in Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
Tolerizing Effects of Co-stimulation Blockade Rest on Functional Dominance of CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells
The Efficacy of CD40 Ligand Blockade in Discordant Pig-to-Rat Islet Xenotransplantation Is Correlated with an Immunosuppressive Effect of Immunoglobulin
Reduction of Postischemic Immune Inflammatory Response: An Effective Strategy for Attenuating Chronic Allograft Nephropathy
Multiple Negative Feedbacks on CD152 Expression in Allograft Tolerance
Combined Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Inhibition in Rat Cardiac Allografts: Beneficial Effects on Inflammation and Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation
Immunologic Benefits of Longer Graft in Rat Allogenic Small Bowel Transplantation
Ethyl Pyruvate Ameliorates Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Decreasing Hepatic Necrosis and Apoptosis
Risk Factors for Reaching Renal Endpoints in the Assessment of Lescol in Renal Transplantation (ALERT) Trial
Self-Organizing Maps Can Determine Outcome and Match Recipients and Donors at Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
Impaired Dendritic Cell Immunophenotype and Function in Heart Transplant Patients Undergoing Active Cytomegalovirus Infection
Implications of Immunohistochemical Detection of C4d along Peritubular Capillaries in Late Acute Renal Allograft Rejection
Measurement Of Chimerism In Cynomolgus Monkeys Using Human-Specific Short Tandem Repeat-Based Assay
Gene Silencing in Rat-Liver and Limb Grafts by Rapid Injection of Small Interference RNA
Differences between Early and Late Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders in Solid Organ Transplant Patients: Are They Two Different Diseases?
Venous Thromboembolism in Renal Transplant Recipients
Cytomegalovirus and Thromboembolism in Renal Transplantation
Human Hepatocyte Isolation for Liver Cell Therapy: Whole Marginal Livers or Healthy Segments from Splitting?
Human Hepatocytes Isolation for Liver Cell Therapy: Whole Marginal Livers or Healthy Segments from Splitting?
Is the Application of HLAMatchmaker Relevant in Kidney Transplantation?
Sirolimus and ACE-Inhibitors: A Note of Caution
Role of Ketoconazole in Renal Transplant Recipients
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Hypophosphatemia and the Live Liver Donor
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Donor Death Due to Cerebral Gas Embolism in a Specialized Transplant Center: Risk Zero Does Not Exist
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