The Fifth Beaune Symposium: Focus on the Vascular Endothelium in Organ Transplantation
Fifth Beaune Seminar in Transplant Research: Foreword
Endothelial Cells in Organ Transplantation: Friends or Foes?
Endothelium and Allotransplantation
Endothelial Cell-T Lymphocyte Interactions: iP-10 Stimulates Rapid Transendothelial Migration of Human Effector but not Central Memory CD4+ T Cells. Requirements for Shear Stress and Adhesion Molecules
A Novel Pathway of Antigen Presentation by Dendritic and Endothelial Cells: Implications for Allorecognition and Infectious Diseases
Endothelial Cells as Targets of Allograft Rejection
Angiogenic Growth Factors in Cardiac Allograft Rejection
Endothelial Chimerism in Transplantation: Looking for Needles in a Haystack
ILT3+ ILT4+ Tolerogenic Endothelial Cells in Transplantation
Anti-HLA Antibodies Can Induce Endothelial Cell Survival or Proliferation Depending on their Concentration
Protective Genes in the Vessel Wall: Modulators of Graft Survival and Function
Drugs Modulating Endothelial Function after Transplantation