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Perfect HLA Matching and No Glucocorticoids—Still an Imperfect World
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CXCR3 Antagonism Impairs the Development of Donor-Reactive, IFN-γ-Producing Effectors and Prolongs Allograft Survival
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Generation of Donor-Specific Regulatory T-Cell Function in Kidney Transplant Patients
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Functional β-Cell Mass and Insulin Sensitivity Is Decreased in Insulin-Independent Pancreas-Kidney Recipients
A Prospective Trial of a Steroid-Free/Calcineurin Inhibitor Minimization Regimen in Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)-Identical Live Donor Renal Transplantation
Prospective Monitoring for Alloimmunization in Cord Blood Transplantation: “Virtual Crossmatch” can be Used to Demonstrate Donor-Directed Antibodies
Short- and Long-Term Donor Outcomes After Kidney Donation: Analysis of 601 Cases Over a 35-Year Period at Japanese Single Center
Prophylaxis With Caspofungin for Invasive Fungal Infections in High-Risk Liver Transplant Recipients
Effect of Cytomegalovirus Viremia on Subclinical Rejection or Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy in Protocol Biopsy at 3 Months in Renal Allograft Recipients Managed by Preemptive Therapy or Antiviral Prophylaxis
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