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A Human Recombinant IL-7/HGFα Hybrid Cytokine Enhances T-Cell Reconstitution in Mice After Syngeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
Murine Antithymocyte Globulin T-Cell Depletion Is Mediated Predominantly by Macrophages, but the Fas/FasL Pathway Selectively Targets Regulatory T Cells
Downregulation of Mucins in Graft Bile Ducts After Liver Transplantation in Rats
Pretransplant Low CD3+CD25high Cell Counts or a Low CD3+CD25high/CD3+HLA-DR+ Ratio Are Associated With an Increased Risk to Acute Renal Allograft Rejection
Impact of Hepatitis C Virus Infection on the Risk of Infectious Complications After Kidney Transplantation: Data From the RESITRA/REIPI Cohort
Renal Graft Function and Low-Dose Cyclosporine Affect Mycophenolic Acid Pharmacokinetics in Kidney Transplantation
Prevalence and Patterns of Bone Loss in the First Year After Renal Transplant in South East Asian Patients
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Impact of Adjuvant Immunotherapy Using Liver Allograft-Derived Lymphocytes on Bacteremia in Living-Donor Liver Transplantation
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Increased Serum Vitamin A and E Levels After Lung Transplantation
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