A Comprehensive Review of Everolimus Clinical Reports
Equity of Access to Kidney Transplantation
A Clinically Feasible Approach to Induce Delayed Tolerance in Recipients of Prior Kidney or Vascularized Composite Allotransplants
Protein Kinase C Inhibition Ameliorates Posttransplantation Preservation Injury in Rat Renal Transplants
SOD Mimetic Improves the Function, Growth, and Survival of Small-Size Liver Grafts After Transplantation in Rats
Significant Reduction of Acute Cardiac Allograft Rejection by Selective Janus Kinase-1/3 Inhibition Using R507 and R545
Clinical Practice Guidelines on Wait-Listing for Kidney Transplantation
Early Posttransplantation Hyperglycemia in Kidney Transplant Recipients Is Associated With Overall Long-term Graft Losses
Late Calcineurin Inhibitor Withdrawal Prevents Progressive Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in Renal Transplant Recipients
Cellular Infiltrates and NFκB Subunit c-Rel Signaling in Kidney Allografts of Patients With Clinical Operational Tolerance
Independent of Nephrectomy, Weaning Immunosuppression Leads to Late Sensitization After Kidney Transplant Failure
High Transplant Rates of Highly Sensitized Recipients With Virtual Crossmatching in Kidney Paired Donation
Recipient Age and Time Spent Hospitalized in the Year Before and After Kidney Transplantation
Endoscopic Evaluation of Small Intestine Transplant Grafts
Effect of Mild Diarrhea on Tacrolimus Exposure
Pretransplant Neurological Presentation and Severe Posttransplant Brain Injury in Patients With Acute Liver Failure
Organ Donation and Priority Points in Israel
Risk Assessment for Polyomavirus Nephropathy Using Urine Cytology and the Detection of Decoy Cells
Reply to Correspondence Regarding “Detection of Polyomavirus BK Reactivation After Renal Transplantation Using an Intensive Decoy Cell Surveillance Program is Cost Effective”
Histopathologic Detection of Rejection in Acute Allograft Pyelonephritis
Self–Kidney Transplantation in Takayasu Arteritis
Normalized NEFA Dynamics During an OGTT After Islet Transplantation
Donor Morbidity Including Biliary Complications in Living-Donor Liver Transplantation
The Unreachable Goal in Living-Donor Hepatectomy