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Open Letter to Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China
Preoperative Assessment of the Deceased-Donor Kidney
T-Cell–Depleting Antibodies and Risk of Cancer After Transplantation
Analysis of Perfusates During Hypothermic Machine Perfusion by NMR Spectroscopy
Acute Rejection, T-Cell–Depleting Antibodies, and Cancer After Transplantation
Effects of Simultaneous Iliac Artery Angioplasty on Graft and Patient Survival After Living-Donor Kidney Transplantation
Recipient Age and Risk for Mortality After Kidney Transplantation in England
Pretransplant CD8 T-Cell Response to IE-1 Discriminates Seropositive Kidney Recipients at Risk of Developing CMV Infection Posttransplant
Impact of Immunosuppression on Recall Immune Responses to Influenza Vaccination in Stable Renal Transplant Recipients
The Economic Burden of Posttransplant Events in Renal Transplant Recipients in Europe
Disparities in Liver Transplantation
Unique Effects of Mycophenolate Mofetil on Cord Blood T Cells
Liver Transplantation for Patient With Pretransplant Undetectable Hepatitis C RNA
HCV Therapy With Daclatasvir, PEG-IFN, and RBV After Boceprevir-Based Therapy Failure Post-Liver Transplantation in Hyper-IgM Syndrome
Increasing Capacity for Skin Surveillance in a Transplant Review Clinic
A Novel Biomarker of Immune Function and Initial Experience in a Transplant Population