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In Memoriam—Carl-Gustav Groth 1933–2014
How is Health Economics Relevant to Transplant Clinicians?
Simultaneous Transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and a Vascularized Composite Allograft Leads to Tolerance
Rapamycin Represses Myotube Hypertrophy and Preserves Viability of C2C12 Cells During Myogenesis In Vitro
Sirtuin 1 Activation Stimulates Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Attenuates Renal Injury After Ischemia-Reperfusion
Epitope Analysis of HLA-DQ Antigens
Effects of Obesity on Kidney Transplantation Outcomes
Incidence of Conversion to Active Waitlist Status Among Temporarily Inactive Obese Renal Transplant Candidates
Delayed-Onset Cytomegalovirus Disease Coded During Hospital Readmission After Kidney Transplantation
Assessing the Metabolic Effects of Calcineurin Inhibitors in Renal Transplant Recipients by Urine Metabolic Profiling
Left Ventricular Mass Changes After Renal Transplantation
Rapid Increase of Interleukin-10 Plasma Levels After Combined Auxiliary Liver-Kidney Transplantation in Presensitized Patients
Evolving Frequency and Outcomes of Simultaneous Liver Kidney Transplants Based on Liver Disease Etiology
Influence of Intention to Adhere, Beliefs and Satisfaction About Medicines on Adherence in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
The Role of Donor-Specific Antibodies in Acute Cardiac Allograft Dysfunction in the Absence of Cellular Rejection
Risk for BK Viremia and Nephropathy After Desensitization
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Liver Transplantation in Case of Acetaminophen Poisoning
Increased Levels of Rivaroxaban in Patients After Liver Transplantation Treated With Cyclosporine A
Relationship Between Conventional Coagulation Tests and Bleeding for 600 Consecutive Liver Transplantations