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Ray David Owen (1915–2014)
Neonatal Tolerance
Severe Respiratory Illness Associated With Enterovirus 68
“Early” Withdrawal of Glucocorticosteroids Is Well Tolerated by Kidney Transplant Recipients Without Increasing Allograft Rejection While Preserving Bone Integrity
Tumors and Transplant
Financial and Social Complications as Barriers to Satisfaction with Life Among Living Kidney Donors
The Path for Tolerance Permissive Immunomodulation in Islet Transplantation
Anti–Interleukin 6 Receptor Antibodies Attenuate Antibody Recall Responses in a Mouse Model of Allosensitization
Long-Term Tolerance and Skin Allograft Survival in CD200tg Mice After Autologous Marrow Transplantation
Long-Term Changes in Bone Mineral Density in Kidney Transplant Recipients
The Risk of Cancer in Recipients of Living-Donor, Standard and Expanded Criteria Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants
Satisfaction With Life Among Living Kidney Donors
Calcineurin Inhibitor-Free Immunosuppressive Regimen in Type 1 Diabetes Patients Receiving Islet Transplantation
De Novo Donor-Specific Human Leukocyte Antigen Antibodies Early After Kidney Transplantation
Long-term Effects of Delayed Graft Function on Pancreas Graft Survival After Pancreas Transplantation
Renal Outcomes of Liver Transplant Recipients Who Had Pretransplant Kidney Biopsy
Consensus Conference on a Composite Endpoint for Clinical Trials on Immunosuppressive Drugs in Lung Transplantation
Liver Autotransplantation for an Inferior Vena Cava Tumor
Central Retinal Vein Occlusion–Associated Tacrolimus After Liver Transplantation
Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation for GATA2 Deficiency in a Patient With Disseminated Human Papillomavirus Disease
Single Kidneys Transplanted From Small Pediatric Donors Less Than 15 Kilograms Into Pediatric Recipients
Combined Heart and Liver Transplantation Against Positive Cross-Match for Patient With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Everolimus-Induced Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome and Bilateral Optic Neuropathy After Kidney Transplantation