Abstracts from the 13th Congress of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement - ISODP 2017
The Impact of Duration of Brain Death on Outcomes in Abdominal Organ Transplantation : Rush and Retrieve or Relax and Repair 2017? A Retrospective UK Transplant Registry Analysis
Persian Possible Donor Detection Program, a Way to Decrease Shortage of Organ Donors
Thyroid Hormone Levels in Brain Death Patients
Factors Affecting Diagnosis of Brain Death and Process of Organ Donation in a University Hospital in Turkey
Brain Death and Organ Donation in a City Hospital
Final Report of the Polish Multicentre Study for Evaluation of Computed Tomographic Angiography in the Diagnosis of Brain Death
Potential Pitfalls in Application of CT Angiography for the Diagnosis of Brain Death
Disqualification of Hemodynamically Functional Heart With LQTS Syndrome - Would it be Still Justified?
Simulated Explanation of Brain Death Training Improves Resident Communication Competencies, Leading to Optimal Family Donation Conversation by OPO Staff
The Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Deceased Donors After Brain Death With Severe Hemodynamic Instability Allow to Optimize the Viability of Organs Procured for Transplantation
DONATE : A 8 centre pilot study
Causes of Deceased Donors Loss and the Associated Factors Before Organ Retrieval
Tracheal Bronchus in the Organ Donor : Early identification of abnormal airway anatomy to improve lung utilization for transplant
The Role of Cardiac Transplant Surgeon and Physicians on Assessment and Management of Brain Dead Donors in Japan : Effects of donor age and cause of death on post-cardiac transplant survival
Deceased Organ Donation has Increased in New Zealand : Success of a quality improvement program
Does Training of Intensive Care Specialists Improve Organ Donation Consent Rates, When Excluding “Family Raised” Cases?
A Semi-Centralized Retrieval Center Model : Recent Experience of an ODO, Transplant Québec, Covering a Large Territory with Over 70 Hospitals
An 81% Increase in Organ Donors from Anoxic Deaths in One OPO
With Renewed Calls for Presumed Consent, Let's Look at the Donation and Transplant Rates of Opt-In vs Opt-Out Countries
Managing Suspected Cases of Organ Trafficking or Transplant “Tourism”– A Source of Ethical Concern for Transplant Professionals Worldwide
Banking on Living Kidney Donors – a New Way to Provide and Preserve Opportunities for Donation
Honoring Donor Designation in Brain Dead Organ Donors
Human Organ Trafficking : A study of change in the Egyptian kidney market 2008-2016
Organ Donation and Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada
Transplant Tourism into the United States
"Donation Champion" Training Sessions Increase Hospital Referrals by 113% and Donors by 45% Since 2005
The Working Together Alliance (WTA) : An International Tool to Design a Common Action Plan to Maximize the Impact of the Initiatives Related to Organ Donation and Transplantation. The European Experience
Organs to the Rescue : a comic book to step up vascularized composite allograft and solid organ donation in Mexico
Virtual Classroom Training Program Provides on-Demand Access and Flexibility for Tissue Authorization Professionals
Online Role-Play Tool Increases Donation Professionals’ Skill and Confidence Level in Leading Family Conversations for Organ and Tissue Donation Authorization
A web-Based Education Program to Stimulate Organ Donation Registration Among Lower-Educated Adolescents in the Netherlands : a study protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Engaging Millenials in Organ Donation : Establishing an educational programme
Regional Organ and Tissue Donation Registry : An Alternative to Countries Lacking National Donation Registry
“FAST-TRACK” to Organ and Tissue Donation Training : An Alternative to Out-Of-Time Intensive Care and Emergency Health Care Professionals
Is Education Enough for Improving Organ Donation or Something Even More Important is Missing?
When Will I Get My Kidney Transplant - Is the Prediction of the Time Point Possible?
A Quantitative Pilot Study on Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD) : Perceptions felt by the Nursing and Medical Staff in Intensive Care Units (ICU) of Geneva University Hospitals and Lausanne University Hospital
A Qualitative Pilot Study on Donation After Cardiac Death (DCD) : Feelings Experienced by the Nursing and Medical Staff in the Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Geneva University Hospitals
Donation After Circulatory Death : A case study
Urgent Organ Retrieval from Non-Heart-Beating Donor With Declared Brain Death
Cornea Donation in Organ Donors : Recommendations to Increase Acceptance
Medical Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Willingness of Organ Donation : a cross-sectional study
How to Improve Organ Donation in China at the Current Stage
Increasing Demand on Master Education for Donation and Transplantation
Gender Difference of Attitude and Willingness towards Kidney Donation and Sale among Chinese Medical Students
Live Donor Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Following Establishment of the First Kidney Transplant Center in Ethiopia
Provision of Highly Specialized Aftercare by the Transplant Center Strongly Improves Patient and Allograft Survival in Long-term Follow-up After Kidney Transplantation
The In-Hospital Departments Dedicated to Expanding the Organ Donation and Organ Procurement in China, Have Increased Significantly the Number of Donors and Transplants
Operating Theatre Nurses’ Experiences of Participating in the Organ Donation Process in the Perioperative Setting
Global Organ Transplant Activities in 2015. Data from the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation (GODT)
Recognising the Gift of Organ and Tissue Donation : an evidence-based approach
Status of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Bangladesh
Deceased Organ Donation from Pediatric Donors : Does the Literature Really Help Us? (Implication for More Powerful Guidelines)
Think Regional – Act Local. Expanding the Frontiers of Donation Best Practice
Reason of Unsuccessful Organ Donation of the Actual Donors in our Center
The Knowledges and Opinions of ICU Professionals about Brain Death and Organ Donation
Regional Variability in and Factors Related to Offer Rejections of Adult Donor Hearts
The Role of National Experts in Organ Allocation. Italian Experience
The Effect of MELD Sodium Scoring System on Waiting List
Evaluation and Simulation of a Deceased Donor Kidney Allocation Score Before its Implementation. The Catalan Experience
Evaluation of Current Organ Packaging and Storage Patterns Between Brazilian Renal Transplant Teams
Effects of Interventions on Organ Donation Among Adults : A systematic review from 2000-2016
Early Postoperative Complications of Liver Transplantation
Pronged Graft Survival by IL-6 Deficient Donor is Significantly Involved in Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs)
Excellent Results from Controlled Donation after Circulatory Death Donors Using Abdominal Normothermic Regional Perfusion
Is the Glucose Handling Profile of Recipients With Donation After Cardiac Death (DCD) Pancreas Transplants Comparable to those With Donation After Brain Death (DBD) Transplants?
Understanding and Adherence of An Intensive Care Team to the Withdrawal of Life Support Therapy Following the Implementation of a Program for Donation After Cardiac Death
The Main Features of DCD Donors in China (Hunan province experience)
Utilizing Rapid DCD Cases to Increase Number of Transplants
A Single Center Experience of Kidney Transplantation From Donation After Circulatory Death From India
Judicial Authorization for Organ Donation
Survey on Attitudes Towards Death Concepts and Procedures Related to Organ Donation in Germany
Alternative Way for Organ Donation in Societies With Traditional Beliefs and Well Organized System of Emergency Medical Care
Organ Donation in China
Planning for Deceased Organ Donation in Ethiopia
Development of Canadian National Guidelines for Pediatric Donation After Circulatory Determined Death (pDCD)
Difficult Consent Scale for Organ Procurement in Practice
Supporting Donation by Encouraging Correspondence Between Donor Family Members and Transplant Recipients
Update on Causes of Family Refusal for Organ Donation and the Related Factors : Reporting the Changes Over 6 Years
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Psychological Treatment Programs for Organ Donor Family
Comparison Between Refusal Rates for Organ and Cornea Donation
Basic Fundamental Family Care Given to Prevent Morbidity in Renal Transplant Recipients of India
Kidney Transplant KPI Monitoring From OPO : A Strategy for Benchmarking and Quality Improvement in Rio de Janeiro State
When Only One of Paired Organs Are Transplanted : Is there a missed transplant opportunity?
The Practical Impact of Reactive HCV NAT and Anti-HCV Results : One OPO’s Experience
Kidney Transplantation from Donors Died of Organophosphate Poisoning
Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion : Establishment and Operationalization in Iran
The Posterior Tibial Artery Flap as a Sentinel Flap in Face Transplant : Maximizing Solid Organ and Composite Tissue Allotransplant Team Coordination
International Initiative to Enhance the Organ Donation and Transplantation Systems in the Black Sea Area : The BSA Project
SODA (Seth Organ Donation Assessment) Score : A scoring System for Assessment of Hospitals for Best Practices in Organ Donation after Brain Death
Effects of Cold Ichemic Time on Allograft Survival in Kidney Transplantation From Expanded Criteria Donor
Deceased Donor Organ Donation in a Developing Country; An Early Experience in a Tertiary Care Center in Sri Lanka
Molecular and Metabolic Mechanisms of Mechanical Mostconditioning in an Isolated Rat Heart Model of Donation after Circulatory Death
Characterization of Endothelial Function Following Various Ischemic Durations in an Isolated Rat Heart Model of Donation After Circulatory Death
Validation of a New Specific Methodology to Avoid Donor Resuscitation in Controlled Donation After Circulatory Death With Normothermic Regional Perfusion. A Multicenter Study
Resistance of Cardiac Mitochondria to Ischemia and Reperfusion in an Isolated Working Rat Heart Model of Donation After Circulatory Death
Donation After Cardiac Death (DCD), Comparative of Scores to Predict Death
Organ Donation Education for African Americans in the United States
Media Effect on Organ Donation : Which Program?
The Role of Education to Increase the Cadaveric Donor Transplant
Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Framework for Designing Interventions Related to Organ Donation
How eLearning is Utilized to Help Donation Professionals Conduct the Donor Physical Assessment (DPA)
Religious Leaders and Organ Donation – an Indian Experience
Awareness of Medical Students in Sudan towards Organ Donation and its Barriers; Intellectual, Cultural or Ethical?
Organ Donation Attitudes and Behaviors among Older Hispanic Women and Hispanic Community Health Workers : Formative Research to Inform a Culturally-Competent Mobile Health Education Intervention
Anencephalic Infants as Organ Donors After Circulatory Death
Specialised Nurses for Organ and Tissue Donation; Creation of a New Profile in our Hospital
61 Donors Per Million : A Successful, State-Wide Donation Performance Improvement Initiative
The Effect of Standardized Interviews on Organ Donation
Results of Kidney Transplant From Donors With Sepsis-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
Knowledge & Attitude of Health Staff on Deceased Donor Organ Donation & Transplantation in a Sri Lankan Tertiary Care Setting
Transforming Donor Referral and Assessment in the UK : Preparation for a National Organ Donation Referral Service
Transplant Pregnancy Registry International
Direct Contact Between Donor Families and Transplant Recipients – an Issue Donation Agencies Can No Longer Overlook
Realizing Equity in Organ Donation and Transplantation in a Society of Immense Multicultural and Socioeconomic Diversity, a Report from Qatar
The First 2 Years of Activity of a Specialized Organ Procurement Center : Report of an Innovative Approach to Improve Organ Donation
Self-Sufficiency on Organ Donation and Transplantation
A Global Strategy to Increase Organ Donation at Hospital and Jurisdictional Levels : A Road Map for Hospital Administrators and Clinicians – The Transplant Québec Experience Base on the Organizational Framework for Organ Donation and Tissue Donation Services
Effect of Reimbursement System of Social Security Institution on Transplantation Numbers in Turkey : A Retrospective Research
Public Knowledge and Attitude Toward Organ Donation in Tianjin, China
The Relationship Between Hospitals and OPO in China
Revising Public Policy to Increase Support for Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation in One US State
Post-Donation Kidney Function is Highly Predictable for Donors and to a Lesser Degree for Recipients
Impact of a Combined Educational and Communication Skills Training on Kidney Transplant Candidates' Discussions of Living Donation
Left-Sided Donor Nephrectomy Predisposes Living Kidney Donors to Latent Adrenal Insufficiency with Symptoms of Fatigue and Inferior Quality of Life
Anti MICA (Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I) Related Antibody, Whether to Treat or Avoid in Renal Transplantation?
The Lived Experience of ‘Being Evaluated’ for Organ Donation : Focus Groups with Living Kidney Donors
Robotic-Assisted Versus Laparoscopic Hand-Assisted Live Donor Nephrectomy
Does Donor-Recipient Genetic Relationship Have an Impact on Outcome of Living Donor Liver Transplantation?
A 13 Year History of Non-Directed Kidney Donation to Predict Levels of Participation in Non-Directed Kidney Donation
Laparoscopic Living Liver Donation for Pediatric Recipients
Why Poor Organ Donation? A survey with Focus on Way of Thinking and Orientation About Organ Donation Among Clinic Attendees and Dialysis Patients Relatives
Features and Impact of Fortis Healthcare Limited- New Delhi Television ‘More To Give’ Campaign to Promote Deceased Organ Donation in India
The Effect of Donation Improvement Program and Result of Changing Attitude of Medical Staff in Donation Process
What We Know, Cures; Who We Are, Heals
Attitudes and Knowledge About Donation in a Representative Survey of Catalan Population
CAS in Transplantation Care : Initial Experience with Training
Training on Police Investigating Officers in Medico-Legal Formalities in Deceased Organ Donation – Our Experience from Tamil Nadu in India
European-Mediterranean Postgraduate Program on Organ Donation and Transplantation Project (EMPODaT) : Results of a 3 Years’ Project in Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco
Knowledge, Attitude and Perception (KAP) about Renal Transplantation of CKD Patients and their Care Givers
Development of Korean Liver Allocation System Based on Model for End Stage Liver Disease Score : A Nationwide, Multicenter Study
Impact of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease Score Based Allocation System in Korea
Does Timing Affect Calculation of Kidney Donor Profile Index? One OPO’s Experience
Normothermic Machine Perfusion (NMP) For Human Liver Transplantation in the United States
Contamination of Organ Donor Transport Media With Enteric Flora Predicts Clinically Significant Transplant Site Infections
Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion Results In a 5% Increase in Lung Transplants
Impact of Package and Storage Techniques on Kidney Temperature Enviroment
Quality Assessments of Persufflation and Cold Storage Preservation in Subnormothermic Isolated Porcine Kidneys
Aggressive National Placement Efforts Increase Utilization of High KDPI Kidneys Post Kidney Allocation System (KAS) Changes
Twelve OPOs in the U.S. With a 65.1 Million Combined Population, Recovered More Than 40 Deceased Donors PMP in 2016 – a Rate Higher Than Spain
Increased Utilization of Hep C Donors With Concurrent Increase in Hep C Donor Pool
Hot Standby : An Air Transportation Protocol to Reduce Organ Wastage
Transplantation of Kidneys From Donors With Acute Kidney Injury : Friend or Foe?
Normothermic Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion in Brain Dead Donors Reduces Inflammatory Cytokines and Toll-Like Receptor Expression
Cross Border Organ Exchange Among EU Members States. Preliminary Results of the Foedus-EOEO it Portal
Kidney Transplant With Multi-Organ and Mono-Organ Donor : In Argentina Period 2007-2015. Results
Liver Procurement From Poisoned Donors, a Survival Study
Is History of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery a Contraindication in Cadaveric Liver Donation? A case series
Programmatic Aspects of Initiating Kidney Transplantation in Ethiopia
Transplant Professionals’ Attitudes and Approaches to the Living Kidney Donor-Recipient Relationship : Interview study
The Impact of Nephrectomy on Living Donors – An Analysis of the Existing Literature
Kidney Exchange Programme in Poland
Analysis of the Profile of Live Kidney Donation Candidates in the Antwerp University Hospital
Safety and Vigilance in Organ Donation for Transplantation
Association of Organ Donor's Prostate Cancer With Kidney Graft and Recipient Survival
First Global Vigilance and Surveillance (VS) Initiative : The WHO Notify Library
The Fundamental Role of the Organ Donation Organization (ODO) in Risk Management : An Efficient System for Maximizing Patient Safety - The Transplant Quebec Experience
Is It Safe to Transplant Organs from Deceased Donors with CNS Tumor?
Brain Tumors as a Cause of Brain Death : Experience of the Nine Autopsy in Brain Dead Cases
Success in Organ Donation Program in Thailand
How the Rate of Organ Donation Increased Again in Iran
Awareness and Beliefs Towards Organ Donation in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients : A single center experience
A Trial to Establish the Routine Organ Donation Referral System in a Hospital in Japan
Experience of Children Undergoing During and After Bone Marrow Transplantation Procedure
To Evaluate the Role of Print Media in Gaining Traction and Promoting Community Engagement in Organ Donation by Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO), Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh
New Era of Cornea Transplantation in Bangladesh
Organ Donation and Tissue Donation Divided : Decreased donation after cardiac death following enactment of the revised “Brain Death Act” in 2010 in East Japan
Increases in Tissue Donation Achieved Through Text Messaging Next-Of-Kin
Distribution of Potential Eye and Tissue Donors Within a Public Teaching Hospital
Perspectives of Turkish Teachers about Organ and Tissue Donation and Determination of the Affecting Factors
Information Sources and Key Preferred People of Iranian University Students about Organ Donation
Strengthened Governance in Order to Promote Organ Donation
Family Attitudes, Actions, Decisions and Experiences Following Implementation of Deemed Consent and the Human Transplantation Act (Wales)
Relation Between Intensity of Religious Practices and Organ Donation in Poland
Hospital Profiling and Hospital Stratification System as a First Step for Assessment the Potential of Organ Donation from Deceased Donors
The Impact of Funding and Program Structure on the Performance of Organ Donation Organizations in Canada
Legal Issues Concerning Organ Utilization from HBV Infected Donors
Conversation With the Families of Deceased Donors
First Russian Interdisciplinary Study to Approach Socio-Humanitarian Issues of Organ Donation
Cross-Cultural Dimensions of the Problems of Brain Death and Organ Donation
The Correlation of Brain Tomography Angio and Apnea Test in Cerebral Death Diagnosis
Effect of the Hospitalization Times to the Family Donor Approvals at Bursa Region in 2015
An Example of Increasing Organ Donation Rates : Denizli State Hospital
The Effects of Preoperative Anxiety on Anesthetic Recovery and Postoperative Pain in Donor Nephrectomy
Swiss Monitoring of Potential Donors (SwissPOD) : A 5-Year Study Investigating Organ Donation After Brain Death in Intensive Care
Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Organ Donation and Brain Death Among Medical Staff of Intensive Care Units
The Effect of Potential Donor Visits on the Brain Death Diagnosis
A Significant Increase in Cadaveric Donor Number in a Turkish State Hospital
Creating a Hospital Based Critical Care Nurse Certification for Organ Donor Management
Deceased Donation Data from a State Hospital in Turkey
Deceased Kidney Distribution and Allocation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Retrospective Review
Non-Recovered and Discarded Deceased Organs in Saudi Arabia 2012‐2016
Critical Pathways of Deceased Organ Donation in Saudi Arabia : A 2 decade in comparison
Complete Blood Count of Deceased Donors and the Results of Liver Transplantation
Progress of Donation Figures in the European Union (2009‐2015) : Data from the Newsletter Transplant of the Council of Europe and Impact of the European Commission Action Plan
Donor Kidney Pre-Transplant Biopsy – Does the Donor Age Matter?
Marginal Donor Utilization from Exceptional Geographic Distance after Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion
Deceased Donor Diver Transplantation Using a Lacerated Graft With Isolated Hyperbilirubinemia
Is Donor Age a Limit for Lung Transplantation? A Report of Two Cases
Journey from Bonsai Dependent Marginal Donor to a Happy Ending
Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation according to Donor Evaluation Criteria
Successful En-Bloc Kidney Transplantation from a 5-Month-Old Donor to a 63-Year Old Recipient : A case report.
Results of Renal Transplant from Deceased Anti-HCV Positive Donors, Poland 1998‐2012
Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation in a Patient With Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia on Dabigatran Therapy
Overview of Kidney Transplantation : A Single Centre Report from China
Identifying Risk Severity Using Proposed “Wuhan Chart (Risk Severity Scale)” in Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation
Spontaneous and Reflex Movements of the Brain Death in South-East Province of South Korea
What We Learned from Changing Patterns of Deceased Organ Donors
Central Diabetes Insipidus Accompanying Brain Death in Children
Evaluation of Patients Diagnosed With Brain Death in Pediatric Critical Care
Spinal Reflexes in Brain Death Cases
Organ Donation and Marginal Donors in Bursa Organ and Tissue Transplant Coordination Center
Attitude of Nurses and Their Participation in Organ Donation Process in Thailand
Study on Effects of Physicians Training Regards to Cadaveric Organ Donation in Bursa
Organ Donation-Related Perspectives of Physicians Working in the Commission for the Determination of Brain Death
Study on the Effectiveness of the Training on Organ Donation in Çanakkale
Study of the impact of the organ and tissue TPM training programs
Midterm Outcome of Aged Donors from Living-Related Donation : analysis of 167 cases at Chinese single center
The Influence of Social Networks on Living Organ Donors
Outcome of the Assessment of Live Kidney Donation Candidates in the Antwerp University Hospital
Initial Experience of Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Living Donor Nephrectomy : a surgeon’s point of view
Does the Establishment of Organ Transplant Center Effect on the Organ Donation in the Region?
Targeting Histone Deacetylase in Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells Inhibits Amplification of TH1 Cell-Mediated Inflammation
Marginal Donors : The Experiences of Three Australian Hospitals
Is Donor Age an Important Factor in Cadaveric Organ Donation?
The Investigation of the Socio-Demographic and Cultural Properties of Organ Donational Families
Information and Attitudes of Health Care Personnel about Organ Donation : A tertiary hospital example, Turkey
Attiudes of Podhale Region Inhabitants Towards Transplantation