On the Role of the Interface Mechanical Interaction in a Gravity-Driven Shear Flow of an Ice-Till Mixture
Finite Deformation Models and Field Performance*
The Peculiarities of Linear Wave Propagation in Double Porous Media
A Micromechanics-Based Approach to the Failure of Saturated Porous Media
Contributions to Theoretical/Experimental Developments in Shock Waves Propagation in Porous Media
Saturated Compressible and Incompressible Porous Solids
Wave Dynamics of Saturated Porous Media and Evolutionary Equations
Thermo-Chemo-Electro-Mechanical Formulation of Saturated Charged Porous Solids
Transport of Multi-Electrolytes in Charged Hydrated Biological Soft Tissues
Localization Phenomena in Liquid-Saturatedand Empty Porous Solids
Finite Elastic Deformations in Liquid-Saturated and Empty Porous Solids
A Micropolar Theory of Porous Media
Propagation and Evolution of Wave Fronts in Two-Phase Porous Media
Computer Simulation of Drying Optimal Control
Deformations and Stresses in Dried Wood
Phase Transitions in Gas- and Liquid-Saturated Porous Solids
A Simple Model for a Fluid-Filled Open-Cell Foam
Quasi-Static and Dynamic Behavior of Saturated Porous Media with Incompressible Constituents
A Linear Theory of Porous Elastic Solids*
Derivation of Matching Conditions at the Contact Surface Between Fluid-Saturated Porous Solid and Bulk Fluid*