Dispersion in Heterogeneous Geological Formations
On Perturbative Expansions to the Stochastic Flow Problem
Recursive Conditional Moment Equations for Advective Transport in Randomly Heterogeneous Velocity Fields
The Relative Dispersion and Mixing of Passive Solutes in Transport in Geologic Media
Comparison of Observations from a Laboratory Model with Stochastic Theory
Large-Time Spatial Covariance of Concentration of Conservative Solute and Application to the Cape Cod Tracer Test
Macrodispersivity and Large-scale Hydrogeologic Variability
Role of Molecular Diffusion in Contaminant Migration and Recovery in an Alluvial Aquifer System
Methods of Quantum Field Theory in the Physics of Subsurface Solute Transport
The Tracer Transit-Time Tail in Multipole Reservoir Flows
Fractional Dispersion, Lévy Motion, and the MADE Tracer Tests
The Role of Probabilistic Approaches to Transport Theory in Heterogeneous Media