A Two-Equation Analysis of Convection Heat Transfer in Porous Media

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This paper presents a two-equation analysis on the convection heat transfer in porous media based on the modeling developed by Carbonell and Whitaker (1984). The porous system under consideration is bounded by two parallel walls and heated uniformly from one side surface. The Darcy flow is imposed and the fully developed heat transfer is assumed. General solutions, which take into account the additional convective and conductive terms, are obtained for the temperature fields and the Nusselt number. The detailed studies are presented for the porous systems characterized by consolidated and unconsolidated circular unit cells. The results show that, for the consolidated unit cell case, a prediction without the additional convective term overestimates the heat transfer, while for the unconsolidated unit cell case, this effect is negligible. The additional conductive terms are also examined and found to act ‘conventionally’ as part of the conductive terms.

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