Thermal Capacity Effect on Transient Free Convection Adjacent to a Vertical Surface in a Porous Medium
The Thermodynamic Significance of the Local Volume Averaged Temperature
Convective Stability in a Rectangular Box of Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Constant Pressure Top and Constant Flux Bottom Heating
Acoustics of a Porous Medium Saturated by a Bubbly Fluid Undergoing Phase Change
Non-linear Model for Wood Saturation
The ‘Missing’ Self-Similar Free Convection Boundary-Layer Flow Over a Vertical Permeable Surface in a Porous Medium
Reply to the Comment by S. J. Kowalski, TIPM 40, 113, 2000
Comment to T. Chen Letter to the Editor, Transport in Porous Media 41, 241–243, 2000
Note on ‘A Two-Equation Analysis of Convection Heat Transfer in Porous Media’ by H. Y. Zhang and X. Y. Huang
Reply to the Note by E. Magyari and B. Keller