The Development of Appropriate Upscaling Procedures
Effective Flux Boundary Conditions for Upscaling Porous Media Equations
Application of Effective Flux Boundary Conditions to Two-Phase Upscaling in Porous Media
Sequential Upscaling Method
A Markov Chain Model for Effective Relative Permeabilities and Capillary Pressure
A New Exact Upscaling Formula and Investigations of Numerical Errors in Simulation of Single- and Two-Phase Darcy Flow in Barrier Geometries
Effective versus Total Porosity Based Geostatistical Models
Simulation of Gas Dipole Tests in Fractures at the Intermediate Scale Using a New Upscaling Method
A Sedimentological Approach to Upscaling
Process Based Reconstruction of Sandstones and Prediction of Transport Properties
Direct and Stochastic Generation of Network Models from Tomographic Images; Effect of Topology on Residual Saturations
Review on Scale Dependent Characterization of the Microstructure of Porous Media
Contents of Volume 46