Preface on Physicochemical and Electromechanical Interactions in Porous Media
The Role of Osmotic Pressure and Tension-Compression Nonlinearity in the Frictional Response of Articular Cartilage
A Recasting of Anisotropic Poroelasticity in Matrices of Tensor Components
Dependence of Cartilage Matrix Composition on Biosynthesis, Diffusion, and Reaction
Macroscopic and Micromechanical Approaches to the Modelling of the Osmotic Swelling in Clays
Triphasic FE Modeling of the Skin Water Barrier
Analytical Solution of Compression, Free Swelling and Electrical Loading of Saturated Charged Porous Media
Macroscopic Behavior of Swelling Porous Media Derived from Micromechanical Analysis
Dynamic Electrical-Mechanical Energy Coupling in Electrolyte-Mineral Systems
Transition to Chaos and Flow Dynamics of Thermochemical Porous Medium Convection