Exact Averaging of Stochastic Equations for Transport in Random Velocity Field

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We present new examples of exactly averaged multi-dimensional equation of transport of a conservative solute in a time-dependent random flow velocity field. The functional approach and a technique for decoupling the correlations are used. In general, the averaged equation is non-local. We study the special cases where the averaged equation can be localized and reduced to a differential equation of finite-order, where the problem of evolution of the initial plume (Cauchy problem) can be solved exactly. We present in detail the results of the analyses of two cases of exactly averaged problems for Gaussian and telegraph random velocity with an identical exponential correlation function, which are informative and convenient models for continuous and discontinuous random functions. The problems in which the field has sources of solute and boundaries are also examined. We study the behavior of different initial plumes for all times (evolutions and convergence) and show the manner in which they approach the same asymptotic limit for two stochastic distributions of flow-velocity. A comparison between exact solutions and solutions derived by the method of perturbation is also discussed.

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