Flow Through a Two-Scale Porosity, Oriented Fibre Porous Medium

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A model is described for the meso- and micro-flow through an array of oriented fibre tows with meso-channels between the tows. Axial Stokes's flow was considered in the meso-channels and Darcy's law was applied within the porous fibre tows, taking into account injection pressure and capillary pressures in both types of flow. Transverse flow transfer was modelled from the leading flow front to the lagging flow and a partial-slip boundary condition was applied at the permeable boundaries of meso-channels. Flow visualisation experiments and microstructural characterisation of laminates provided appropriate experimental data for model validation. In this, the predictions for the progress of the leading meso-flow were in excellent agreement with the experimental data. Parametric studies followed including the effects of injection pressure and meso-channel size.

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