Stochastic Reconstruction of Chalk Samples Containing Vuggy Porosity Using a Conditional Simulated Annealing Technique
Higher-Order Terms in the Capillary Limit Approximation of Viscous-Capillary Flow
Drying Induced Stresses in a Swelling Porous Wall
Thermal Equilibrium in Transient Forced Convection Porous Channel Flow
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Miscible Displacement in Fractured Porous Media
Multiresolution Wavelet Scale Up of Unstable Miscible Displacements in Flow Through Heterogeneous Porous Media
Interaction of Transverse Heterogeneity and Thermal Development of Forced Convection in a Porous Medium
Stability of Convection in a Gravity Modulated Porous Layer Heated from Below