Improving the quality of science arising from the NTDB
National Trauma Institute prospective evaluation of the ventilator bundle in trauma patients
Hyperacute adrenal insufficiency after hemorrhagic shock exists and is associated with poor outcomes
Cryopreserved deglycerolized blood is safe and achieves superior tissue oxygenation compared with refrigerated red blood cells
TEG-guided resuscitation is superior to standardized MTP resuscitation in massively transfused penetrating trauma patients
Administration of fibrinogen concentrate in exsanguinating trauma patients is associated with improved survival at 6 hours but not at discharge
Redefining massive transfusion when every second counts
Impact of inverse ratios on patients with exsanguinating vascular injuries
Platelet mitochondrial membrane potential correlates with severity in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Applicability of an established management algorithm for colon injuries following blunt trauma
Chasing 100%
Skin closure after trauma laparotomy in high-risk patients
Serum creatine kinase levels are associated with extremity compartment syndrome
Early nonbronchoscopic bronchoalveolar lavage
Which central venous catheters have the highest rate of catheter-associated deep venous thrombosis
Acute care surgery
Resveratrol decreases inflammation in the brain of mice with mild traumatic brain injury
The effects of location and low-molecular-weight heparin administration on deep vein thrombosis outcomes in trauma patients
Recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator–evoked hyperfibrinolysis is enhanced by acidosis and inhibited by hypothermia but still can be blocked by tranexamic acid
Inflammatory and apoptotic alterations in serum and injured tissue after experimental polytrauma in mice
Proteasome inhibition prolongs survival during lethal hemorrhagic shock in rats
Autologous transplantation of endothelial progenitor cells to prevent multiple organ dysfunction syndromes in pig
Microvascular endothelial cell hyperpermeability induced by endogenous caspase 3 activator staurosporine
Protective effects of dexmedetomidine on blunt chest trauma–induced pulmonary contusion in rats
Systemic inflammation induced by a thoracic trauma alters the cellular composition of the early fracture callus
Long-term preclinical evaluation of the intracorporeal use of advanced local hemostatics in a damage-control swine model of grade IV liver injury
Prognostic factors for failure of nonoperative management in adults with blunt splenic injury
Process improvement in trauma
Implementation of 24/7 intensivist presence in the SICU
Improvements in pulmonary and general critical care reduces mortality following ventilator-associated pneumonia
The value of lower-extremity duplex surveillance to detect deep vein thrombosis in trauma patients
The clinical significance of isolated traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage
How much vertical displacement of the symphysis indicates instability after pelvic injury?
The impact of a standardized “spine damage-control” protocol for unstable thoracic and lumbar spine fractures in severely injured patients
A contemporary analysis of the management of the mangled lower extremity
The management of degloving injury of lower extremities
Predictors of mortality after emergent surgery for acute colonic diverticulitis
Pediatric orthopedic injuries following an earthquake
Factors associated with patient exposure and environmental control during pediatric trauma resuscitation
A comparison of injuries, crashes, and outcomes for pediatric rear occupants in traffic motor vehicle collisions
Traumatic cardiac arrest
Prognosis in moderate and severe traumatic brain injury
The effect of age, severity, and mechanism of injury on risk of death from major trauma in Western Australia
Don’t be a flamin’ fool
Inhalation of foreign bodies in children
Advanced surgical skills for exposure in trauma
Guidelines for alcohol screening in adolescent trauma patients
Apples and oranges
Vehicle factors and outcomes associated with hand-out-window motor vehicle collisions
Orthopedic medical instruments
Orthopedic traumatology
NEXUS criteria compared to CT
Damian John McMahon, MBBS, FRACS
ATV versus tree
Military medical revolution
Military medical revolution
Military medical revolution
Death on the battlefield (2001–2011)
Coagulation system changes associated with susceptibility to infection in trauma patients
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