Emergency surgery for acute diverticulitis
Presentations and outcomes in patients with traumatic diaphragmatic injury
Improving survival from active shooter events
Hurricane Sandy and the greater New York health care system
A natural immune modulator attenuates stress hormone and catecholamine concentrations in polymicrobial peritonitis
Effect of platelet inhibition on bleeding complications in trauma patients on preinjury clopidogrel
Balancing risk and benefit
The value of traditional vital signs, shock index, and age-based markers in predicting trauma mortality
The pulse pressure/heart rate ratio as a marker of stroke volume changes during hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation in anesthetized swine
Immediate splenectomy down-regulates the MAPK–NF-κB signaling pathway in rat brain after severe traumatic brain injury
Selective roles for toll-like receptors 2, 4, and 9 in systemic inflammation and immune dysfunction following peripheral tissue injury
Self-expanding polyurethane polymer improves survival in a model of noncompressible massive abdominal hemorrhage
Experimental intra-abdominal hypertension influences airway pressure limits for lung protective mechanical ventilation
Major burn injury is not associated with acute traumatic coagulopathy
Amino acid infusion fails to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis up to 1 year after injury in children with severe burns
Not so fast to skin graft
Pandemic flu and the sudden demand for ECMO resources
Trauma patients with a previous organ transplant
Patients with traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage are at low risk for deterioration or neurosurgical intervention
Are conventional inlet and outlet radiographs obsolete in the evaluation of pelvis fractures?
Population-based epidemiology of femur shaft fractures
Predictive model for surgical site infection risk after surgery for high-energy lower-extremity fractures
Intensive care unit bounce back in trauma patients
Improving outcomes at Level I trauma centers
Trauma triage in the emergency departments of nontrauma centers
The “found down” patient
Occult abusive injuries in infants with apparently isolated skull fractures
Louisiana motorcycle fatalities in the wake of governmentally implemented change
Consensus strategies for the nonoperative management of patients with blunt splenic injury
Tranexamic acid in trauma
Practical application of point-of-care coagulation testing to guide treatment decisions in trauma
The anatomy of an article
Adult and paediatric ALS
Guidelines for DVT prophylaxis for pediatric ICU patients
Antibiotic therapy for diverticulitis
Louis Del Guercio, MD (1929–2013)
Firearm-related hunting accidents in Denmark
State-by-state variation in emergency versus elective colon resections
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