Judgment based on knowledge
Transfusion of red blood cells in patients with a prehospital Glasgow Coma Scale score of 8 or less and no evidence of shock is associated with worse outcomes
Pneumatosis Intestinalis Predictive Evaluation Study (PIPES)
Hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation are associated with peripheral blood mononuclear cell mitochondrial dysfunction and immunosuppression
Does plasma transfusion portend pulmonary dysfunction? A tale of two ratios
Hypercoagulability after burn injury
American College of Surgeons trauma center verification versus state designation
Guns and states
Feasibility and safety of a novel in vivo model to assess playground falls in children
Hospital-based trauma quality improvement initiatives
Trauma center variation in splenic artery embolization and spleen salvage
Diluting the benefits of hemostatic resuscitation
Pilot evaluation of the short-term effect of driving simulation on novice adolescent drivers
Choice of motorcycle helmet makes a difference
Improving overtriage of aeromedical transport in trauma
The impact of implementing a 24/7 open trauma bed protocol in the surgical intensive care unit on throughput and outcomes
The acute care surgery model
Multidisciplinary acute care research organization (MACRO)
Factors associated with patient satisfaction scores for physician care in trauma patients
A novel prospective approach to evaluate trauma recidivism
A novel fluoroscopy-free, resuscitative endovascular aortic balloon occlusion system in a model of hemorrhagic shock
Uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock results in a hypercoagulable state modulated by initial fluid resuscitation regimens
Evaluation of the risk of noncontiguous fractures of the spine in blunt trauma
Not all mechanisms are created equal
Repositioning endotracheal tubes in the intensive care unit
Vented versus unvented chest seals for treatment of pneumothorax and prevention of tension pneumothorax in a swine model
Increased morbidity and mortality of traumatic brain injury in victims of nonaccidental trauma
Mortality increases with recurrent episodes of nonaccidental trauma in children
Reliability adjustment
“It takes a village” to raise research productivity
Does caring for trauma patients lead to psychological stress in surgeons?
Skin closure after trauma laparotomy in high-risk patients
Ethanol for alcohol withdrawal
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