Early effectiveness of endoscopic posterior urethra primary alignment
The changing nature of death on the trauma service
Whole-body computed tomography is associated with decreased mortality in blunt trauma patients with moderate-to-severe consciousness disturbance
A comprehensive five-step surgical management approach to penetrating liver injuries that require complex repair
Effect of video laryngoscopy on trauma patient survival
Improved mortality from penetrating neck and maxillofacial trauma using Foley catheter balloon tamponade in combat
Revisiting the pancreaticoduodenectomy for trauma
Predicting extubation failure in blunt trauma patients with pulmonary contusion
Geographic variation in susceptibility to ventilator-associated pneumonia after traumatic injury
Acute lethal crush-injured rats can be successfully rescued by a single injection of high-dose dexamethasone through a pathway involving PI3K-Akt-eNOS signaling
Chronic conditions and outcomes of pediatric trauma patients
Drug and alcohol use complicate traumatic peripheral vascular injury
The modified sandwich-vacuum package for fascial closure of the open abdomen in septic patients with gastrointestinal fistula
Neurologic outcome of minimal head injury patients managed with or without a routine repeat head computed tomography
Return-to-duty rates among US military combat-related amputees in the global war on terror
The nature and extent of war injuries sustained by combat specialty personnel killed and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2003–2011
A dynamic mass casualty incident at sea
The Burns Evaluation and Mortality Study (BEAMS)
Mechanical complications of intertrochanteric hip fractures treated with trochanteric femoral nails
Clinical practice guidelines for the care of patients with severe traumatic brain injury
Spinal cord injury without radiologic abnormalities in adults
Hospital-based violence intervention programs save lives and money
Let it snow
What the ancients knew of the fatal anatomic consequences of wounding of the lower thorax
Traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest on the battlefield
The influence of mechanical ventilation in a hemorrhagic shock model
Red blood cell distribution width is predictive of mortality in trauma patients
Insurance- and race-related disparities decrease in elderly trauma patients
Advanced life support in traumatic cardiac arrest
Coagulation and fluid resuscitation by HyperHES in severe hemorrhage
Eric R. Frykberg, MD (1951–2013)
Mims Gage Ochsner, Jr., MD (1953–2013)
Consensus strategies for the nonoperative management of patients with blunt splenic injury
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