Fibrinogen and platelet contributions to clot formation
Comparison of the hemostatic efficacy of low-volume lyophilized plasma reconstituted using sterile water, lactated Ringer’s, normal saline, and Hextend solutions
Age-associated impact on presentation and outcome for penetrating thoracic trauma in the adult and pediatric patient populations
Blunt cerebrovascular injury screening with 64-channel multidetector computed tomography
Successful placement of intracranial pressure monitors by trauma surgeons
Routine repeat brain computed tomography in all children with mild traumatic brain injury may result in unnecessary radiation exposure
Enteral albuterol decreases the need for chronotropic agents in patients with cervical spinal cord injury–induced bradycardia
Multicenter review of diaphragm pacing in spinal cord injury
Computer versus paper system for recognition and management of sepsis in surgical intensive care
Inhibition of sepsis-induced inflammatory response by β1-adrenergic antagonists
How much and what type
Making the financial case for a surgeon-directed critical care ultrasound program
Gunshot wounds and blast injuries to the face are associated with significant morbidity and mortality
Outcomes of adding acute care nurse practitioners to a Level I trauma service with the goal of decreased length of stay and improved physician and nursing satisfaction
Internationally comparable diagnosis-specific survival probabilities for calculation of the ICD-10–based Injury Severity Score
Early or delayed stabilization in severely injured patients with spinal fractures? Current surgical objectivity according to the Trauma Registry of DGU
Management of pelvic ring fracture patients with a pelvic “blush” on early computed tomography
Demographic epidemiology of unstable pelvic fracture in the United States from 2000 to 2009
Role of alveolar macrophages in the regulation of local and systemic inflammation after lung contusion
Bkca opener, NS1619 pretreatment protects against shock-induced vascular hyporeactivity through PDZ-Rho GEF–RhoA–Rho kinase pathway in rats
Tissue oxygenation monitoring using resonance Raman spectroscopy during hemorrhage
Resveratrol attenuates hypoxic injury in a primary hepatocyte model of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation
The persistent diagnostic challenge of thoracoabdominal stab wounds
Fulminant Clostridium difficile colitis
The impact of preinjury anticoagulants and prescription antiplatelet agents on outcomes in older patients with traumatic brain injury
Effects of anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs on the risk for hospital admission for traumatic injuries
Hypercoagulability and other risk factors in trauma intensive care unit patients with venous thromboembolism
Effect of a dalteparin prophylaxis protocol using anti-factor Xa concentrations on venous thromboembolism in high-risk trauma patients
The conjoint effect of reduced crystalloid administration and decreased damage-control laparotomy use in the development of abdominal compartment syndrome
Flail chest injuries
Evaluation of the oxygenation index in adult respiratory failure
Can intramuscular glucose levels diagnose compartment syndrome?
Do one-time intracompartmental pressure measurements have a high false-positive rate in diagnosing compartment syndrome?
Should blunt segmental vascular renal injuries be considered an American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Grade 4 renal injury?
Frontal sinus volume predicts incidence of brain contusion in patients with head trauma
The Mayo Clinic experience with Morel-Lavallée lesions
Long-term outcomes of ground-level falls in the elderly
Traumatic brain injury and β-blockers
Outcomes of endovascular repair for patients with blunt traumatic aortic injury
Posttraumatic stress disorder following traumatic injury at 6 months
Outcomes of acute versus elective primary ventral hernia repair
The financial impact of the loss of county indigent patient funding on a single orthopedic trauma surgery service
Cost-utility analysis of prehospital spine immobilization recommendations for penetrating trauma
Trauma center performance evaluation based on costs
Health-related quality of life and influence of age after trauma
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