Pan computed tomography versus selective computed tomography in stable, young adults after blunt trauma with moderate mechanism : A cost-utility analysis
Whole-body computed tomographic scanning leads to better survival as opposed to selective scanning in trauma patients : A systematic review and meta-analysis
Early repeat imaging is not warranted for high-grade blunt cerebrovascular injuries
Characteristics of surgical patients receiving inappropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy
Honoring patients’ organ donation decisions when family conflict is present : Experience from a single organ procurement organization
Hypothermia in organ donation : A friend or foe?
Impact of epinephrine and norepinephrine on two dynamic indices in a porcine hemorrhagic shock model
Exogenous phosphatidylcholine supplementation improves intestinal barrier defense against Clostridium difficile toxin
Plasmatic isoforms of cytokeratin 18 and RAGE after severe trauma : A longitudinal cohort study
High-altitude pulmonary edema can be prevented by heat shock protein 70–mediated hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning
Prehospital hypertension is predictive of traumatic brain injury and is associated with higher mortality
Using critical administration thresholds to predict abbreviated laparotomy
Computed tomographic scan : It’s not just about the fracture
Age-related trends in severe injury hospitalization in Canada
Applicability of the predictors of the historical trauma score in the present Dutch trauma population : Modelling the TRISS predictors
The quest for a universal definition of polytrauma : A trauma registry-based validation study
Comparison of postinjury multiple-organ failure scoring systems : Denver versus Sequential Organ Failure Assessment
Pattern of maxillofacial fractures : A 5-year analysis of 8,818 patients
Screening for osteoporosis after trauma : A new approach using quantitative computed tomography of the skull
Management of adult patients with buttock and perineal burns : The Ross Tilley Burn Centre experience
The association between anemia and the mortality of severe traumatic brain injury in emergency department : Corrigendum
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