Fellowship of the Snow
Hyperfibrinolysis, physiologic fibrinolysis, and fibrinolysis shutdown
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
Crystalloid administration during trauma resuscitation
Time matters in 1
Measuring thrombin generation as a tool for predicting hemostatic potential and transfusion requirements following trauma
Moderate elevations in international normalized ratio should not lead to delays in neurosurgical intervention in patients with traumatic brain injury
Tranexamic acid administration to pediatric trauma patients in a combat setting
Differences between blunt and penetrating trauma after resuscitation with hydroxyethyl starch
The effects of alcohol on coagulation in trauma patients
Diet-induced obesity prevents the development of acute traumatic coagulopathy
Blunt abdominal aortic injury
Adult respiratory distress syndrome risk factors for injured patients undergoing damage-control laparotomy
Detection of low-volume blood loss
Melatonin inhibits thermal injury–induced hyperpermeability in microvascular endothelial cells
Effect of pharmacologic resuscitation on the brain gene expression profiles in a swine model of traumatic brain injury and hemorrhage
Histone deacetylase III as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of lethal sepsis
Below-the-knee arterial injury
Resveratrol ameliorates mitochondrial dysfunction but increases the risk of hypoglycemia following hemorrhagic shock
Applicability of the National Healthcare Safety Network’s surveillance definition of ventilator-associated events in the surgical intensive care unit
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome in critically ill patients
Risk factors for delirium in older trauma patients admitted to the surgical intensive care unit
Urinary tract infection in elderly trauma patients
Transmission-based contact precautions for multidrug-resistant organisms in trauma patients
Implementation of a surgical intensive care unit service is associated with improved outcomes for trauma patients
A critical analysis of secondary overtriage to a Level I trauma center
Death after discharge
Prospective validation of the brain injury guidelines
Probable cause in helicopter emergency medical services crashes
Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma
A dose-finding study of sufentanil sublingual microtablets for the management of postoperative bunionectomy pain
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