Characteristics of chest wall injuries that predict postrecovery pulmonary symptoms
Pneumomediastinum following blunt trauma
Venous thromboembolic risk assessment models should not solely guide prophylaxis and surveillance in trauma patients
Complete ultrasonography of trauma in screening blunt abdominal trauma patients is equivalent to computed tomographic scanning while reducing radiation exposure and cost
Management of children with solid organ injuries after blunt torso trauma
Pediatric solid organ injury operative interventions and outcomes at Harborview Medical Center, before and after introduction of a solid organ injury pathway for pediatrics
Intravenous access in the prehospital settings
Decreased mortality after prehospital interventions in severely injured trauma patients
Tourniquet use for civilian extremity trauma
Discrete roles of intracellular phospholipases A2 in human neutrophil cytotoxicity
The therapeutic effect and mechanism of niacin on acute lung injury in a rat model of hemorrhagic shock
Effects of rapid wound sealing on survival and blood loss in a swine model of lethal junctional arterial hemorrhage
Measuring trauma system performance
A comparison of Injury Severity Score and New Injury Severity Score after penetrating trauma
Development of a trauma-specific quality-of-life measurement
The impact of acute care surgery on appendicitis outcomes
Stress-induced hyperglycemia is associated with higher mortality in severe traumatic brain injury
Impaired coagulation is a risk factor for clinical and radiologic deterioration in patients with traumatic brain injury and isolated traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage
Mechanisms of early trauma-induced coagulopathy
Delayed intracranial hemorrhage in the anticoagulated patient
Conflict management teams in the intensive care unit
Implementing and preserving the advances in combat casualty care from Iraq and Afghanistan throughout the US Military
Redefining acute care surgery
An experimental novel alternative for temporary abdominal closure of the open abdomen
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