The splenic injury outcomes trial
The evil of good is better
Mortality after emergency surgery continues to rise after discharge in the elderly
Variability in interhospital trauma data coding and scoring
Does proximity to violence negatively influence attitudes toward exception from informed consent in emergency research?
Functional and long-term outcomes in severe traumatic brain injury following regionalization of a trauma system
Factors associated with patients transferred from undesignated trauma centers to trauma centers
Bowel obstructions and incisional hernias following trauma laparotomy and the nonoperative therapy of solid organ injuries
A multi-institution prospective observational study of small bowel obstruction
Outcomes after emergency abdominal surgery in patients with advanced cancer
Acute kidney injury following severe trauma
Vital capacity helps predict pulmonary complications after rib fractures
Misclassification of acute respiratory distress syndrome after traumatic injury
Traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts after blunt chest trauma
Elevations in inflammatory cytokines are associated with poor outcomes in mechanically ventilated burn patients
Leukopenia is associated with worse but not prohibitive outcomes following emergent abdominal surgery
The financial burden of emergency general surgery
Recent trends in hospitalization and in-hospital mortality associated with traumatic brain injury in Canada
A new device for the prevention of pulmonary embolism in critically ill patients
Analyzing the effects of alcohol on adolescent trauma using the National Trauma Data Bank
Management of severe blunt hepatic injury in the era of computed tomography and transarterial embolization
Nonopioid management of acute pain associated with trauma
Traumatic panhypopituitarism resulting in acute adrenal crisis
Clinical assessment of trauma-induced coagulopathy and its contribution to postinjury mortality
Defining the space between life and death
MESS (Mangled Extremity Severity Score) 25 years on
A trauma surgeon’s journey
Surgical stabilization of severe rib fractures
Trauma care does not discriminate
Safety concerns for rescue providers using sternal intraosseous infusion systems
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