Multicenter evaluation of temporary intravascular shunt use in vascular trauma
Airway management following repair of cervical tracheal injuries
Extending the golden hour
Does enoxaparin interfere with HMGB1 signaling after TBI? A potential mechanism for reduced cerebral edema and neurologic recovery
Traumatic abdominal wall hernias
Body mass index strongly impacts the diagnosis and incidence of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in the surgical intensive care unit
Multicenter validation of American Association for the Surgery of Trauma grading system for acute colonic diverticulitis and its use for emergency general surgery quality improvement program
Trauma center care is associated with reduced readmissions after injury
Performance of International Classification of Diseases–based injury severity measures used to predict in-hospital mortality
No breakpoint for mortality in pediatric rib fractures
A paradigm for achieving successful pediatric trauma verification in the absence of pediatric surgical specialists while ensuring quality of care
Ex vivo recapitulation of trauma-induced coagulopathy and preliminary assessment of trauma patient platelet function under flow using microfluidic technology
The Massive Transfusion Score as a decision aid for resuscitation
The potential benefit of a hybrid operating environment among severely injured patients with persistent hemorrhage
Penetrating duodenal trauma
Readmission after treatment of Grade 3 and 4 renal injuries at a Level I trauma center
Risk factors associated with bladder and urethral injuries in female children with pelvic fractures
The role of cardiac troponin I in prognostication of patients with isolated severe traumatic brain injury
Timing of withdrawal of life-sustaining therapies in severe traumatic brain injury
Rhabdomyolysis among critically ill combat casualties
Hemodynamic monitoring of the injured patient
Image-based resuscitation of the hypotensive patient with cardiac ultrasound
Management of pediatric blunt renal trauma
Outcomes and complications of angioembolization for hepatic trauma
Anemia and iron-restricted erythropoiesis in traumatic critical illness
Management of penetrating extraperitoneal rectal injuries
Assessment of acute kidney injury following severe trauma
A systematic review of the use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta in the management of hemorrhagic shock — Erratum
Contact isolation is a risk factor for venous thromboembolism in trauma patients—Corrigendum
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