EAST 2016 Presidential Address
Team of Teams or Team of Rivals
Blood transfusion
Initial safety and feasibility of cold-stored uncrossmatched whole blood transfusion in civilian trauma patients
Use of CPR in hemorrhagic shock, a dog model
Acute traumatic coagulopathy in a critically injured pediatric population
Influences of limited resuscitation with plasma or plasma protein solutions on hemostasis and survival of rabbits with noncompressible hemorrhage
Managing the surge in demand for blood following mass casualty events
Suction evacuation of hemothorax
Contemporary outcomes of lower extremity vascular repairs extending below the knee
How long should we fear? Long-term risk of venous thromboembolism in patients with traumatic brain injury
Adipose tissue location and contribution to postinjury hypercoagulability
The profile of wounding in civilian public mass shooting fatalities
Not all prehospital time is equal
Brain hypoxia is exacerbated in hypobaria during aeromedical evacuation in swine with traumatic brain injury
Percutaneously drained intra-abdominal infections do not require longer duration of antimicrobial therapy
The Military Injury Severity Score (mISS)
Perioperative risk factors impact outcomes in emergency versus nonemergency surgery differently
Acute care surgery and emergency general surgery
The transforming power of early career acute care surgery research scholarships on academic productivity
Injury prevention programs against distracted driving among students
Underage drinking, brief interventions, and trauma patients
Are frailty markers associated with serious thoracic and spinal injuries among motor vehicle crash occupants?
Improving geriatric trauma outcomes
Creation of a decision aid for goal setting after geriatric burns
Early antithrombotic therapy is safe and effective in patients with blunt cerebrovascular injury and solid organ injury or traumatic brain injury
Embedding a trauma hospitalist in the trauma service reduces mortality and 30-day trauma-related readmissions
Trauma team discord and the role of briefing
Performance of a regional trauma network
Prevention of fall-related injuries in the elderly
Ingested projectiles
Featured Articles for CME Credit July 2016