A legacy of caring
When peace breaks out
Angiographic embolization for hemorrhage following pelvic fracture
Abnormalities in fibrinolysis at the time of admission are associated with deep vein thrombosis, mortality, and disability in a pediatric trauma population
Cytochrome c limits oxidative stress and decreases acidosis in a rat model of hemorrhagic shock and reperfusion injury
Exosomes, not protein or lipids, in mesenteric lymph activate inflammation
International rotations
Trauma system regionalization improves mortality in patients requiring trauma laparotomy
Sarcopenia as a predictor of mortality in elderly blunt trauma patients
Increased anatomic severity predicts outcomes
Volumetric analysis of day of injury computed tomography is associated with rehabilitation outcomes after traumatic brain injury
Utility of the injured trauma survivor screen to predict PTSD and depression during hospital admission
There's an app for that
Should grade of solid organ injury determine need for hospitalization in children?
Rapid thrombelastography thresholds for goal-directed resuscitation of patients at risk for massive transfusion
Mitochondrial DNA damage associated molecular patterns in ventilator-associated pneumonia
Availability of on-site acute vascular interventional radiology techniques performed by trained acute care specialists
When are CT angiograms indicated for patients with lower extremity fractures? A review of 275 extremities
Clinical significance of computed tomography contrast extravasation in blunt trauma patients with a pelvic fracture
Treatment of spontaneous esophageal rupture with transnasal thoracic drainage and temporary esophageal stent and jejunal feeding tube placement
This too shall pass
Does small-volume resuscitation with crystalloids or colloids influence hemostasis and survival of rabbits subjected to lethal uncontrolled hemorrhage?
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for adult respiratory distress syndrome in trauma patients
Traumatic muscle fibrosis
Management of adult pancreatic injuries
Western Trauma Association Critical Decisions in Trauma
Ultrasound optimization for resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta
Acute care surgery fellowship graduates' practice patterns
Massive transfusion in pediatric trauma
Roscoe R. Graham
Gunshot wound to the chest with retained projectile in intraventricular septum
Gun violence is structural violence
Tourniquet use for treatment of vascular trauma in civilian casualties of terror-related explosions
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in trauma patients
Screening for pediatric blunt cerebrovascular injury
A safe and effective management strategy for BCVI
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