Stapled versus hand-sewn
Impact of early operative pelvic fixation on long-term self-reported outcome following severe pelvic fracture
Pneumatosis Intestinalis Predictive Evaluation Study
Nonhuman primate model of polytraumatic hemorrhagic shock recapitulates early platelet dysfunction observed following severe injury in humans
Is your graduating general surgery resident qualified to take trauma call? A 15-year appraisal of the changes in general surgery education for trauma
Damage control laparotomy utilization rates are highly variable among Level I trauma centers
Neuro, trauma, or med/surg intensive care unit
Hospitals with higher volumes of emergency general surgery patients achieve lower mortality rates
Ultrasound assessment of volume responsiveness in critically ill surgical patients
Temporary arterial shunts in damage control
The mangled extremity score and amputation
Rib fracture fixation in the 65 years and older population
Early pancreatic dysfunction after resection in trauma
Defining multiple organ failure after major trauma
Management of anticoagulation with rivaroxaban in trauma and acute care surgery
Analysis of aeromedical retrieval coverage using elliptical isochrones
Modeling Acinetobacter baumannii wound infections
Apocynin suppressed the nuclear factor-κB pathway and attenuated lung injury in a rat hemorrhagic shock model
Redefining the association between old age and poor outcomes after trauma
A novel method of optimizing patient- and family-centered care in the ICU
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation after traumatic injury
Combat amputees' health-related quality of life and psychological outcomes
Review of military and civilian trauma registries
Damage control resuscitation in patients with severe traumatic hemorrhage
Operative fixation of rib fractures after blunt trauma
Prophylaxis against venous thromboembolism in pediatric trauma
The Coalition for National Trauma Research supports the call for a national trauma research action plan
Arteriovenous fistula between the common femoral artery and vein secondary to transpelvic gunshot wound
The need for a National Trauma Institute within the National Institutes of Health
Enteral nutrition in traumatic brain injury
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