Editors' Preface
Zero preventable deaths after traumatic injury
Leadership and a casualty response system for eliminating preventable death
Leadership lessons learned in Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Volumetric control of whole blood collection in austere environments
Acute traumatic coagulopathy
Hemorrhagic blood failure
Immunologic effects of trauma and transfusion
Measuring the compensatory reserve to identify shock
The need for optimized crystalloid-based resuscitation
Prehospital blood transfusion programs
An evaluation of methods for producing low-titer group O whole blood to support military trauma resuscitation
Minimal variation in anti-A and -B titers among healthy volunteers over time
Effects on the anti-ABO titers of military blood donors from a predeployment vaccination program
Deployed skills training for whole blood collection by a special operations expeditionary surgical team
Skill learning and retention
Remote damage control during the attacks on Paris