High Priests with Low Profiles
Ionized Calcium and Magnesium
The Continuing Challenge of Duodenal Injuries
Blunt Maternal Trauma
Brain Death, Apneic Diffusion Oxygenation, and Organ Transplantation
Open Pelvic Fracture
Prospective Trials of Dexamethasone and Aerosolized Gentamicin in the Treatment of Inhalation Injury in the Burned Patient
Replantation of Untidily Amputated Finger, Hand, and Arm
External Skeletal Fixation in Severe Limb Trauma
Selective Conservatism in Penetrating Abdominal Wounds
Hypertension in Children with Burns
The Variable Effect of PEEP in Acute Respiratory Failure Associated with Multiple Trauma
Treatment of Traumatic Hemobilia with Angiographic Embolization
Ligation of the Main Hepatic Artery for Exsanguinating Liver Laceration in an Adolescent
Fracture of the Navicular Sesamoid Bone
The place of external skeletal fixation of fractures
Management of liver trauma
Transosseous-extrosseous fixation of fractures of both malleoli
Retroperitoneal hematoma and renal trauma
Management of urethral rupture
Renal lesions in multiple trauma
Urinary tract injuries in multiple trauma
Late urological complications of pelvic fracture without manifest urinary tract injury
Use of a fibrin glue in renal trauma
Rupture of the patellar tendon
Overgrowth and rotational deformities following fracture of the femoral shaft in children
Accident fatalities in children in Europe
Conservative management of acute closed fractures of the shaft of the tibia
Metropolitan accident-rescue service
Thoraco-abdominal trauma
Conservative and operative management of acute fractures of the tibial plateau