The Pathophysiology of the Anterior Tibial Compartment Syndrome
Prehospital Advanced Emergency Care
Computerized Drug Dosing in Renal Failure
Resistant Enterobacter cloacae in a Burn Center
Arterial Trauma Involving the Lower Limb
Missed, Maluniting, and Malunited Fractures of the Lateral Humeral Condyle in Children
Effects of 1α-hydroxycholecalciferol on Osteoporotic Changes Induced by Calcium Deficiency in Bone Fractures in Adult Rats
Autotransfusion of Contaminated Intraperitoneal Blood
Intracellular Electrolytes in Erythrocytes During and After Shock
Bitemporal Flap Reconstruction of Forehead
Serial Flap Advancement in an Avulsion Defect of the Forehead
Fatal Peritonitis after Massive Blood Transfusion
Brachial Artery Disruption following Closed Elbow Dislocation
Malar/orbital/zygomatic Fracture Causing Fracture of Underlying Coronoid Process
Retrosternal Dislocation of the Clavicle Producing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Disruption of a Normal Aortic Valve as a Result of Blunt Chest Trauma
Treatment of snake bite
Bites of “non-poisonous” snakes
Initial management of amputation injuries
Complications of rib fractures
Organization and utilization of the helicopter rescue service, Frankfurt
Geriatric aspects of operative management of pertrochanteric fractures
Epiphyseal injuries
Unstable fractures of the spine
The early diagnosis and immediate treatment of gas gangrene
Use of the smear in diagnosis of gas gangrene
Results of internal fixation of femoral shaft fractures in children
End results in comminuted condylar and supracondylar fractures of the femur
Isolated blunt pancreatic trauma
Unusual course of traumatic intracranial bleeding
Tetanus immune globulin and tetanus toxoid in treatment of tetanus
Results of treatment of fractures of the talus
Emergency peritoneoscopy in blunt abdominal trauma and acute abdomen
Recent injuries of the femoral condyles
Injury of the patella
Injuries of the tibial plateau
Diagnosis of chondral injury in trauma of the knee joint
Diagnosis of ligamentous injuries of the knee joint
Management of ligamentous knee joint injuries
Early diagnosis of bowel and pancreatic injuries in blunt abdominal trauma
Late results of pelvic fractures in children
Operative treatment of ankle fractures—A follow-up study
Fractures and dislocations of the talus, therapeutic probiems and results
Open fractures in children