The Evaluation of Head Trauma by Computed Tomography
Craniocerebral Gunshot Injuries in Civilian Practice—Prognostic Criteria and Surgical Management
Experience with a Simplified Trauma Registry
Complications of Deep Puncture Wounds of the Foot
Fracture of the Olecranon
Changes in Metabolism and Muscle Composition Associated with Total Hip Replacement
Wits versus Genes
Burn Wound Manipulation-induced Bacteremia
The Role of NADH-NADPH Oxidase Activity in the Leukocyte Function of Burned Patients
Transient Defect in the Bactericidal Capacity of Rabbit Alveolar Macrophages Following Sublethal Shock
The Effect of Immediate and Delayed Cold Immersion on Burn Edema Formation and Resorption
Traumatic Pneumocephalus
Rotational Displacement of the Distal Tibial Epiphysis without Fibular Fracture
Traumatic Hematocele of the Gallbladder with Hemobilia
Longitudinal Fractures of the Sacrum
Peripheral Embolization Following Blunt Thoracic Trauma
Clinical experience with prophylactic antibiotic bowel suppression in burn patients
Comparison of three treatments for fractures of the diaphysis of the femur
High-tension electrical injury of the upper extremity
Hypokalemia in resuscitation from multiple tauma
Gas-producing clostridial and nonclostridial infections
Intracellular sodium and potassium changes in vascular smooth muscle during hemorrhagic shock
Pulmonary effects of intravenous fluid therapy in burn resuscitation
Steroid hypothermia
Surgical care of nuclear casualties
A technique for open diagnostic peritoneal lavage
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Host defense against opportunist microorganisms following trauma
Inhalation injury—An increasing problem
Metabolism, oxygen transport, and erythropoietin synthesis in the anemia of thermal injury
Management of mandibular fractures with dynamic compression plates
Traumatic paraplegia
Systematic clinical and EEG follow-up of adults with craniocerebral trauma
Metabolic study of vincamine in craniocerebral trauma
Experience with percutaneous circumferential wiring in management of spiral fractures of the tibia
Fracture of the greater multangular
Double-blind clinical evaluation of a topical combination of Dextran and betamethasone 17-valerate in closed injuries of the limbs
Double-blind clinical evaluation of a combination of Dextran sulfate and betamethasone 17-valerate in comparison with a heparinaoid-hyaluronidase preparation in percutaneous treatment of injuries of the limbs
End results in fractures of the calcaneus
“Gas Gangrene”
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage in closed abdominal trauma
What factors influence growth disturbances in fractures of the shaft of the tibia in children?
Computed tomography in cranio-cerebral trauma
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