Stressful Life Events and Burn Injuries
Gas Myelography in Spinal Cord Injury
Delayed Definitive Reconstruction of the Burned Hand
The Role of Coronary Artery Injury and Perfusion in the Development of Cardiac Contusion Secondary to Nonpenetrating Chest Trauma
An Emergency Medical System Approach to Disaster Planning
Computed Tomography of Post-traumatic Extracerebral Hematomas
Energy Transfer and Regional Blood Flow Changes following Missile Trauma
Early Fibular Bypass Procedures (Tibiofibular Synostosis) for Massive Bone Loss in War Injuries
Fractures of the Humerus, Radius, and Ulna in the Same Extremity
Unreduced Posterior Dislocation of the Elbow
Achilles Tendon Repair with the Plantaris Tendon Compared with Repair Using Polyglycol Threads
Osteochondral Fracture associated with Dislocation of the Patella
Late False Aneurysm of the Carotid Artery
Treatment of Catbite Injuries of the Hand
Injury to the Suprascapular Nerve associated with Anterior Dislocation of the Shoulder
Intra-abdominal Injuries in Nonpenetrating Gunshot Wounds of the Abdominal Wall
An Unusual Fracture of the Vertebral Articular Process in a Skier
The neurohumoral response to trauma
Excessive fluid administration in resuscitating baboons from hemorrhagic shock, and an assessment of the thermodye technique for measuring extravascular lung water
Management of penetrating heart wounds
Football, neck muscles and head impact
Evaluation of carbenicillin and a comparison of clindamycin and gentamicin combined therapy in penetrating abdominal trauma
Association of sepsis with an immunosuppressive polypeptide in the serum of burn patients
Delayed presentation of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia
The relationship between blood transfusion and hypoxia in combat casualties
Stabilization of the chest by rib plates
Plating of multiple rib fractures for stabilization of the chest wall
Blood gases after plating of ribs
Experimental determination of the medial stability of the ankle joint after injury to the deltoid ligament
The handle-bar injury
Operative management of fractures of the proximal radius
Acromio-clavicular separations
Traumatic rupture of the small bowel
Tension band wiring of rib fractures
Bipolar fixation in fractures of the distal radius
Repair of the osteo-ligamentary lesions in malleolar fractures
Multiple injuries and mortality. Comparison between 1976 and 1970
Treatment of dislocations and fracture-dislocations of the wrist
Indications for delayed debridement in open injuries of the hand
Management of severe injuries of the hand
Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic detachment of the skin