Long-term Results of Resection of the Distal Ulna for Posttraumatic Conditions
Hypercalciuresis in Trauma Patients on High-nitrogen Enteral and Parenteral Diets
Pathophysiologic Effects Distal to a Tourniquet in the Dog
The Effect of Thermal Injury on Hemodynamic, Respiratory, and Hematologic Variables in Relation to Complement Activation
Arterial Plasma Amino Acids during the First Week following Femoral Shaft Fracture
Chronic Traumatic Aneurysms of the Thoracic Aorta: An Analysis of 50 Patients
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Sepsis and Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage due to Duodenal-caval Fistula: Complications of Delayed Treatment of a Penetrating Abdominal Injury (Case Report)
Unsuspected Atlas Fracture and Instability associated with Oropharyngeal Injury: Case Report
Undiagnosed Intrusion of a Lateral Incisor following Trauma
Traumatic Ulnar Neuropathy from Jet Injection: Case Report
Traumatic Forequarter Amputation: Case Report
Acute Esophageal Perforation in an Adolescent Burn Patient
Posterior Fracture-dislocation of the IV Metacarpal Hamate Articulation: Case Report
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