Evaluation and Treatment of Penetrating Cervical Injuries
A Photoplethysmographic Technique for Detecting Vascular Compromise
Surgical Experience with Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a Replacement Graft for Traumatized Vessels
The Use of Technetium-99m Stannous Pyrophosphate Scintigraphy to Identify Muscle Damage in Acute Electric Burns
The Etiology of Post-traumatic Empyema and the Role of Decortication
Delayed-onset Pulmonary Insufficiency in Primates Resuscitated from Hemorrhagic Shock
Cardiac Tamponade following Penetrating Mediastinal Injuries
Affairs of the Wounded Heart
A sequential, prospective analysis of immunologic abnormalities and infection following severe thermal injury
Muscle blood flow following thermal injury
A new nonpenetrating ballistic injury
Major vascular injuries secondary to pelvic fractures
Injuries to the visceral arteries
Hemodynamic effects of aortic clamping and decompression with a temporary shunt for resection of the descending thoracic aorta
Civilian popliteal artery trauma
Multifactorial probit analysis of mortality in burn patients
Acute cholecystitis complicating trauma
Effects of aspirin and dextran on potency of bovine heterografts in the venous system
Morbidity of a negative finding at laparotomy in abdominal trauma
Classification of renal injuries as a guide to therapy
Criteria for operability in multiple trauma
Perineal trauma in children
Scintigraphic demonstration of roentgenographically doubtful vertebral fractures
The place of the catheter in contusions of the anterior urethra
Management of Le Fort fractures
Extra-articular fractures of the proximal tibia
Systemic and cerebral disseminated intravascular coagulation in acute craniocerebral trauma
Retroperitoneal injuries
The seat belt
Supracondylar fractures of the elbow in children
Overlooked osteochondral lesions in the knee in children
Radiographic examination of the cervical spine in trauma
Results of organ-preserving procedures in severe renal trauma
Retroperitoneal rupture of the duodenum
Some lessons from abdominal trauma