Accidental Injury in Childhood
Quality of Life after Major Burns
The Relative Significance of Thermal and Metabolic Demands on Burn Hypermetabolism
Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome in Thermally Injured Patients
Posterior Fracture-dislocation of the Hip
Subtrochanteric Fractures of the Femur
Fractures of the Distal Tibial Metaphysis with Intra-articular Extension—The Distal Tibial Explosion Fracture
Mandatory Open Reduction
Management of Portal Vein Injuries
Correlations between Metabolic and Cardiopulmonary Measurements in Patients after Trauma, General Surgery, and Sepsis
Cervical Osteomyelitis Complicating Transpharyngeal Gunshot Wounds to the Neck
Complete Disruption of Axillary Artery Caused by Severe Atherosclerosis and Trivial Nonpenetrating Trauma
Multiple injury
Blow-out fractures of the orbit
Ski thumb
Salvaging the severely injured
Trauma to the upper extemity
Effect of fractures of the epiphyseal plate in children
Traumatic and iatrogenic lesions of the carotid
Management of ski fractures in a country practice
Traffic accidents and seat belts
Pattern of injuries of belted occupants in automobile accidents
Necessary therapeutic measures in gas gangrene
Cranio-cerebral injury in multiple system trauma
Wounds inflicted by projectiles from small arms