Treatment of Complicated Fractures of the Lower Leg by Osteotaxis
Muscle Flap with Simultaneous Mesh Skin Graft for Skin Defects of the Lower Leg
Ocular Injuries associated with Periorbital Fractures
Evaluation of Management of the Emergency Right Hemicolectomy
The Relationship of Central Venous and Pulmonary Artery Catheter Position to Acute Right-sided Endocarditis in Severe Thermal Injury
Ultrastructural Evidence for the Presence of “Fibroclasts” and “Myofibroclasts” in Wound Healing Tissues
Microvasculature in Hypertrophic Scars and the Effects of Pressure
Aspergillus Infection of the Burn Wound
Occult Cervical Spine Injuries in Fatal Traffic Accidents
Intraosseous Infusion
Post-traumatic Middle Cerebral Artery Thrombosis
Field Surgical Intervention
Reversible Heart Block Following Nonpenetrating Chest Trauma
Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea following Nasogastric Intubation
The Luck of Three Mile Island
The place of scans in trauma
Wounds from firearms in children in peacetime
Advantages and disadvantages of Simon-Weidner/Ender nailing in pertrochanteric fractures
The hanging cast
Winter sports injuries in children
Evaluation of function after fracture of the calcaneus
Paint gun injuries of the hand
Auxiliary extracorporeal perfusion and hyperbaric oxygenation in management of severe traumatic shock
Arterial injuries accompanying fractures and dislocations
Trauma to the parotid salivary system
Wounds of the hypopharynx
Treatment of cranio-cerebral wounds of war under isolated conditions
Fractures of the mandible
Blunt trauma to the pancreas
Experience with staged treatment of patients with multiple system injury in the resuscitation and rehabilitation centers of Leningrad
6th Congress on Traumatology of the German Democratic Republic