Perspectives in Management of Trauma to the Spleen
Trauma—A Controllable Disease in the 1980's (Fourth Annual Stone Lecture, American Trauma Society)
Reconstruction of the Burned Nose
Treatment of Trochanteric Fractures with Ender Rods
The Family Meeting in Critical Care Settings
Differential Serum Protein Changes Following Supplemental Albumin Resuscitation for Hypovolemic Shock
Red Cell Sodium and Potassium in Hemorrhagic Shock Measured by Lithium Substitution Analysis
Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Injuries in Patients with Spinal Shock
Blunt Cardiac Trauma
Utilization of Diagnostic Radiologic Examinations in the Emergency Department of a Teaching Hospital
Surgical Treatment of the Difficult Humeral Neck Fracture
Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus in Adults
A Comparison of Leukocyte Function and Burn Mortality
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Fire Victims
Tracheoplasty for Tracheal Stenosis in the Pediatric Burned Patient
Scalp and Skull Reconstruction after Electrical Burn
Gunshot Wounds of the Pregnant Uterus
Rupture of the Cervical Trachea following Blunt Trauma
Posterior Displacement of Brachial Artery following Closed Elbow Dislocation
Horizontal Intra-articular Dislocations of the Patella
The Fifth International Conference on Tetanus, Ronneby, Sweden, 1978